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Mefco Engineers

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Mefco Engineers
Name of Client Project Executed
1 Vanavil Dyes & Chemicals Ltd

Storage Tanks, Separators, Receiver, Condensers, Heat Exdchangers (including Shell & Tube Types), Scrubber, MSRL Spools etc

2 DCW Limited

Storage Tanks, Saturators, Heat Exchangers, Autoclaves, Primary & Secondary Cells, Condensate Tanks, Site Storage Tanks, Mixing Vessels, Receivers etc.

3 Tamilnadu Petroproducts Ltd

CSRL Site Tanks, DM Water & NaOH, Hoppers, Pressure Vessels etc


Chemical Storage Tanks

5 Tamilnadu Magnesium and Marine Chemicals Ltd

MSRL Site Chemical Storage Tanks with erection

6 Thermax Limited

Deaerators, Storage Tanks & Vessels,Chimneys

7 Kothari Industrial Corporation

Pressure and Non Pressure Vessels, Chemical Process Pipe line Rack including erection, Chimneys.

8 Spic Petrochemicals Ltd

CS & SS Vessels and Dip Pots

9 Chemfab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd

Pressure and Non Pressure Vessels

10 SPIC Ltd., Tuticorinbr>

Bulk Acid, Return Acid, Bulk Alkali Storage Tanks, Acid Seal Tanks, Sulphate, Sulphur Melting Tanks, Filter, SS Discharge Chutes, Strainers, CSRL Jacketted Spools etc

11 Spic Fine Chemicals Ltd

Detergent Base Powder Plant Silo Pressure & Non Pressure Vessels

12 Arasan Aluminium Industries

MS Ball Mills & Tanks

13 Sri Kaliswari Metal Power Pvt. Ltd

Ball Mill

14 Central petroleum Industries

Re-refinery Plant Reactor, Heat Exchanger etc including plant erection and commissioning

15 Kothari Sugars & Chemicals

32 M Crystalliser, Crystalliser bundles, SS Chemical Storage Tanks, Process vessels, Refiner Tube Bundles etc.

16 Deepak Nitrite Ltd


17 Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi

Paint plant panels, Booths, Pipe Lines fabrication and erection


Paint plant panels, Booths, Pipe Lines fabrication and erection

19 Wheels India Limited

ED paint plant fabrication, Process Pipe lines of Thermic, Air, Water Lines (CS/SS) including thermic insulation,

20 Wheels India Limited

Tank Conveyor accessories, Transport carrier for export wheel plant, Furnace Oil Tanks etc

21 Indian Organic Chemicals Ltd

Steel Stack, Ducting fabrication

22 MIL Industries

Heavy type Miter Bends for Export

23 Petro Araldite Impact Project

Packaging Silo and Chemical Processing Drums

24 Enmas Process Technologies

Evaporators, Black Liquor Heaters

25 Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd

Inlet & Exit Coolers and Float Bath Flags for Float Glass plant and other plant equipments

26 Atofina Catalysts India Ltd

Reactor Jacket Air Coolers, Crucibles

27 Panoli Intermediates Pvt. Ltd

48 M Crystalliser complete unit

28 Stahl India Pvt. Ltd

TSS Tank Mounted Trolley Wheels India Limited

29 Alagendra Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Consumer Oil Storage Tank, Mixing Vessel including plant erection

30 Enken Engineers Pvt. Ltd

SS Heat Exchanger

31 Jindal Drugs

SS Crystsalliser

32 RG Bronze Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd

Atomising Chamber Unit Assembly

33 Indo-Jordan Chemicals Co. Ltd(Exported to Jordan)

Sulphur Furnace (5500 mm dia x 16200 mm long) and CSR Vessels

34 Acquatech Systems (Asia)(Exported to Malaysia)

PSF & DMF for Godavari Gas Power project

35 SPIC Fertilizers and Chemicals FZE, Jabal Ali, Dubai

CS & SS Tanks, Chemical Process Vessels for Urea Plant

36 Ambika International., J&K

SS Crystallizer

37 Enmas Andritz Pvt. Ltd

White Liquor Filtrate Vessel, Condenser

38 Andritz Separation India Pvt. Ltd

Dryer Assembly, SS Tanks

39 Supra Controls Pvt. Ltd

Water Spray Skid

40 Enmas Andritz Pvt. Ltd

Ash Mixing Tank

41 Ooms Polymer Bitumen Pvt. Ltd

Manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant including Reactor with Agitator, Curing Tank with Agitator, Bitumen Storage Tank etc

42 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd

Fabricated T Beams, Immersion Tube, Flaps etc.

43 Hosokawa Micron India Pvt. Ltd

MS Silo

44 Technip India ltd

CS & SS Pressure Vessels

45 VATECH Wabag

Pipe Lines for Water Treatment Plant for Export

46 LNV Technology

Immersion Tube

47 Miltonroy India Pvt. Ltd

SS Tank, MS Skid and Injection Dozzing Systems with Skid

48 TCI Sanmar, Egypt

Condensate Tank, Condensate Drain Vessel

49 Young Buhmoo India Company Ltd

10 KL and 50 KL Storge Tanks

50 Lloyd Insulations India Ltd

Fabrication of 40 Mtrs high Galvanised Stacks

51 Harita Fehrer Ltd

Complete Skid Mounted Polyol Blending plant

52 Manali Petrochemicals Ltd

Knock Out Drum, Seal Pot etc

53 Toyota Kirloskar Motor Company

Erection of Galvanised Stacks

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